80s Commercials Memories!!

Hungry Hungry Hippos - "open up and there it goes!"

Operation - "you're the doctor..... da da da da da da"

Bed Bugs - the guy with the night cap on the bed getting carried away

Mousetrap - "put the man in the pan, the trap is set, now cloooooooose the net! NO! Mousetrap!"

Gatekeeper - "Answer me! Yes, my Gatekeeper!"

Fireball Island



Dizzy Dizzy Dinosaur - never played it but who could forget the commercial

Connect Four! - random people in each spot. "1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 4, "For laughs, for tissimo?, for real, for suit, for fun... " whatever

Hershey's - "Hershey's choc-o-late, delicious as food..." or something)

Wild Ked Lights sneakers - A kid in bed wakes up in the middle night and lip syncs along to a song while putting on these sneakers that glow in the dark. "I don't know what's going on!..." Used to think it was Wild Cat lights, or as my cousin and I called it "Ox and Dice!". Yeah kids made no sense... this was actually only a local commercial in my area

Legend of Zelda - That weird guy running around the cave, saying the names of the villains and being an idiot. Then saying "Schelda? schelda?" at the end... or that's what it sounded like he was saying. How in the in hell did they come up with that random commercial?"

Bubble Tape - "It's 6 feet of bubble gum, for you, not them. Your mom never had a mohawk. She plays bingo... bowls. And she wonders... why can't you chew a nice stick of gum like your father" WTF was I watching????

Sweet Pickles - "Smart moms know, da da da, ohhh sweet pickles". Something like that. I look fondly back on that commercial even though I'm not sure I ever had any sweet pickles books.

He-Man figures - too many to talk about! But most memorable are Battle Bones, Dragon Blaster Skeletor, and wasn't there a toy where a bunch of goo falls on a figure?

LJN Wrestling Figures - "I've got Junk Yard Dog! Here's Greg the Hammer Valentine!" And so on. I remember these commercials before I even watched wrestling. Classic stuff

TMNT toys - You saw these commercials and were like huh? "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Is this a joke" Nope, no joke. The cartoon came out and it became the biggest thing in the world. But I like to look back and acknowledge TMNT's first jingle in the commercial... before the more popular theme song. "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... from Playmates"

Gobots - "Mighty robots, mighty vehicles, Go-bots!" I have nothing negative to say about the Gobots like everyone else does. I loved them. I think the cartoon got me into the toys moreso than the commercials... but I still easily remember the commercial jingle.

GI Joe - Sooo many commercials and toys and I never got one toy from this toyline! I wasn't that interested I guess... maybe because everyone else had them... but I had Gobots! =)

Transformers - Same here. Didn't really get these although I had a few... such as Blaster! I liked him a lot. Sadly they won't make any more Boombox/Tape player Transformers. "Robots in Disguise!"

Inhumanoids - Remember the commercials kinda, but never got any

Visionaries - Very cool toys in the commercials, but again... never got any!

Sectaurs - I enjoyed the cliffhanger episodes. It actually made me really wonder what happened... and couldn't wait to see the continuation a month later... or however long it was. But again, never got any!

McDonald's - Sooo many to mention. The heartfelt ones were great. We look back fondly on them now, but as kids the Ronald McDonald goofy silly commercials were the best. Hamburglar! Grimace! Happy Meal guys! Fry guys and girls! Birdie! "Good time, great taste, of McDonald's!"

1-900 Numbers - These were always on, enticing kids to waste their parents money on these phonecalls. It was very easy to just dial, without your parents knowing until the phone bill came. I remember a few: He-Man/She-Ra, Captain Lou Albano hotline, Mighty Mouse, Grandpa Munster, Elvis, Hulk Hogan, Popeye, any others?

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